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An online presence is imperative for small businesses. However, just “being online” isn’t enough. Marketing your business can seem overwhelming, especially when there is so much advice and thrown at you – it’s hard to know what do for the best.

If you’re a small business owner and want to develop and grow your business online, but not sure where to start, stick around. I’m not a coach or a guru, and I’m not a big fan of the word expert either, but I love working with small business owners and providing you with the marketing tools and clarity you need to grow your business online.

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A professionally designed WordPress website created for your business, to help you reach more customers

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We all love a freebie, so I’ve put together some free resources to help you with understanding and designing your website for your small business. 

Katrina Fouracre helping with 1:1 consultations with website design

Hello! I’m Katrina

Website designer and marketing strategist for small businesses

I’m a straight talking, self-confessed perfectionist, and I love supporting small business owners building and improving their online presence through website design and digital marketing.

I understand building a business online can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing, but I help small business owners understand the tools available to you, the strategies you need to implement, and the BS you can ignore, so you can succeed in marketing your small business online.


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