Three free ways to get more traffic to your website 

As a small business owner, having a website is all well and good, but if you’re not getting any visitors, well, it’s kind of pointless.

There are lots of ways you can generate more traffic to your website, but as a busy small business owner, you probably don’t have the time to do them all – and to be honest, you don’t need to either.

Here are three things you can do that will generate traffic to your website – but as anything, these are not quick fixes. They will take a bit of time, but they are effective.

Build your domain authority

Your domain plays a big role in how Google will rank your website organically in searches, based on how high your domain score is. It’s based on a 100-point score taking into consideration a number of factors including the all important backlinks, which are links on other peoples websites back to yours. The higher the score, the more likely Google will rank you organically.

The best way to improve your domain authority score is by getting those backlinks from relevant websites that also have a similar audience to who you want to reach.

This can mean working with bloggers, influencers, getting press coverage, or collaborating with others to generate those juicy backlinks. 

Blog, blog, blog

Obviously. You’re here, reading my blog aren’t you?

If you want Google to start ranking you for your keywords and phrases, you need to give it the content it loves.

Google wants to see, regular, relevant, quality content that they can see other people are loving already.


Write blogs regularly (this can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, just be consistent with it!) on the topics you want to be found for and answering the questions your target audience are asking, and make sure you share it with your audience as much as you can.

Which leads me on to my next tip…

Pinterest the shiz out of your business

Pinterest is what you’d get if Instagram and Google had a baby.

It’s more of a visual search engine than a social media channel, so if your business suits Pinterest (most do, in my opinion) and especially if you write blogs on your website (see previous slide), use it.

In a simplified explanation of how to use Pinterest, every time you write a new blog, create around 5 – 10 images for that one post (Canva is a great tool for that) and upload them to your Pinterest account using the keywords and phrases you want to be found for / your customers would search for in the title and description, and link back to your blog post on your website.

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