Seven ways to improve your SEO that isn’t blogging

I still stand by blogging is my top tip for SEO and organically improving your search engine rankings, but I know some small business owners find the thought of blogging regularly overwhelming and time consuming.

So instead, I’ve got seven things you can do to update your website that will help get you into Google’s good books, and please your customers too. Win win! 

You don’t have to do all of them in one go, but little and often changes to your website are a great way to start improving your SEO.

Change your images

Go through your website and update some of your existing images with new ones. If you can, use professionally taken images of you/your products, but you can also find relevant stock images too. Just make sure they are resized before uploading. 

Tweak your copy

Re-writing your whole website, or even an entire page can seem dauting. Instead, just go through making small tweaks by adding your keywords in your text a few more times. 

Bonus: Read your text out loud to make sure it sounds natural to mention your keywords that many times. Google will know if you’re “keyword stuffing”.

Make sure you have H1 headers on every page 

Every website platform will give you the option to set headers on your page to H1, H2, H3 etc. 

Google looks at H1 headers first to determine the topic of your page, to see if it’s relevant, so ensure each page has a H1 header – ideally with your keyword or phrase for that page.

Update your featured products 

If you have featured products on your homepage, switch them up to show your audience what else you have to offer. 

Try to make it seasonal too by thinking about what products your audience might be looking to buy at this time of year.

Add new testimonials

If you haven’t added new reviews and testimonials to your website for a while, now would be a good time to refresh them. 

Pull them from your Facebook Page, Google My Business or or even emails and them to your website. If you don’t have any new testimonials, as your customers for one!

Check for broken links 

Neither Google or your website visitors like broken links, so make sure all your links work and go to the pages they’re meant to.

Add an offer or promotion

This could be a discount when people buy directly on your website, or a free download when they sign up to your mailing list; as long as it’s something that encourages people to your website to drive up that traffic and keep people on your page.  

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