Is WordPress good for small businesses?

When deciding which website platform to choose for your business, it can be really overwhelming. You’ll often hear “WordPress is good for small businesses” but then you’ll hear stories of people stating the complete opposite, which then makes the decision process even more confusing than ever.

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Everyone has their own views and opinions, most of which are based on their own personal experiences. However, I recently joined TikTok – another procrastination tool to add to my armour – and I discovered a video from a Squarespace designer about how WordPress is bad for your small business. I was intrigued to see what her reasons were, so I watched.

Five common misconceptions of WordPress

I genuinely couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The FALSE statements she was making was shocking. It was clear that she hadn’t taken any time to fully understand WordPress and used hearsay as “facts” in her TikTok video.

It’s no secret that I think WordPress is good for small businesses, so I want to clear a few things up on some of these myths and misconceptions of WordPress, so you can make a balanced and informed decision for your business.

Myth #1: “There’s no technical support for WordPress.”

Are you kidding me? Not only do WordPress have online documentation for support as well as a forum to ask questions ( support), there are literally hundreds of WordPress specific Facebook Groups with designers and developers all happy to answer your questions. Plus, there are LOADS (I can’t even estimate how many) WordPress designers there are out there should you get stuck with anything – including yours truly.

If you do want to join a Facebook Group for support with your website, you can join my Facebook Group here, or if you want more personal support, you can book a 1:1 consultation with me here.

Myth #2: “Everything has to be created using custom code.”

Absolutely false. You can easily create a WordPress website with zero knowledge of coding. I do. Okay, I know a little CSS, but that’s after years of working in the industry. But all the websites I’ve built use next to no custom code, because I use themes and page builders like Divi or Elementor. I do this because they make managing and updating a website so much easier for my clients, and could be ideal for you too.

Myth #3: “You have to use a web developer to make the smallest of changes.”

As I mentioned above, themes and page builders allow people to manage and update their websites themselves, so no need to rely on a someone else to make those changes for your. Your web developer or designer can easily show you how to make changes yourself, especially if you have a theme or page builder installed. Plus Google, Facebook Groups and YouTube have loads of guides and support.

Myth #4: “You have to add code and stylise plugins for every function.”

It’s true, WordPress websites get most of their functionality from plugins, however the majority are “plug and play” on your website with no need for coding or specialist set-up. Obviously, some settings need to be updated and changed to suit your individual website, but most of the time, they come with a very simple and straightforward set up.

Myth #5: “You’ll get hacked if you don’t update your website.”

The idea that WordPress is insecure is untrue. WordPress is an opensource software – which means that anyone can access it to create new programs and plugins – that’s why it’s so flexible. Obviously, this comes with it’s slight downside that not everyone will use this access to create something good. BUT WordPress and good plugin developers are brilliant at keeping on top of this, and often release updates to keep everything safe and secure. Simply keeping on top of these updates can have a huge impact on keeping your website secure. You update your phone with new software updates, so why wouldn’t you update your website?

WordPress is great for small businesses

Whilst I do genuinely believe WordPress is the best platform to create your business website, I do appreciate WordPress isn’t for everyone though. I’m not going to deny that it does take a bit of learning to understand the ins and outs, and how you can best use it to benefit your business, but my personal opinion is that it is completely do-able.

Your website is your biggest marketing asset, so surely it’s worth the effort?

If you’d like to find out if WordPress is a good choice for you and growing your business online, please book in a one-to-one online consultation with me to discuss your options.

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