Are you struggling to make sales on your website?

Making more sales online has probably been one of the biggest tasks in your business this past year, and you may have even invested time and/or money into a new website to help you achieve that goal

Making sales online means more than just “having” a website though. It needs to be practical, visually appealing to your ideal client, easy to use, and actually serve a purpose. All too often I see websites that focus on following “design trends”, which are often outdated (or should never have been a trend in the first place), and not focussing on the objectives that serve visitors. This often means that the website isn’t performing as it should, making sales online just doesn’t happen and then the website is left to gather dust in a digital corner.

Are you making some of these common website design mistakes?

So instead of sharing tips your website should have, I’m going to highlight some of the things you should avoid on your website.

No clear statement of purpose

Fluffy, philosophical quotes and tagline are all very well and good, but they don’t tell your visitors anything about what you do. They don’t have time to decipher what you mean, they just want to be told what you can do for them.

Using script fonts that no-one but you can read

As tempting it is to use these fancy script fonts to make your site look more creative and interesting, but in reality, all it does is cause frustration and annoyance for your website visitor, because they have no idea what your content says. You could have the best copy in the world, but if you’ve hidden it behind script fonts, it means nothing.

Check out my Instagram post here for an example of using script fonts on your website

Using fonts that are too small

As well as using script fonts, the next biggest mistake I see on websites are fonts that are too small. With websites being accessed via a multitude of devices and screen sizes, using a font size that is too small for comfortable reading can cause visitors to click that back button and find your competitor. Make sure your body font is at least 16px.

Putting text over the top of (busy) images

I promise I’m not obsessed with text and fonts, but it’s such a massive part of your website, and there’s lots of room for error. The popular trend of placing vital text over an image should be approached with caution. An overly “busy” pictures and text placed over the top can be overwhelming and hard to read. Instead choose a plain background, or if you must use an image, try placing the text in “blank spaces” of the image.

A crowded navigation menu

The navigation, or main menu, is your opportunity to highlight to your visitors some of the key content that’s on your website. It’s not where you cram every page on your website up there, leaving your visitors with no idea where to go to next. Follow the general rule of thumb; your navigation menu should direct your customers to where they can buy from you, work with you or achieve an outcome. About pages, blogs and contact can be added to a secondary menu and the footer.

Bonus: You also don’t need a “Home” button. Most people know that your logo will take you back to the homepage, so adding it to your main menu seems pointless and a waste of space on your menu. If you don’t believe me, go and check big brand websites like Amazon, Argos and even Tesco.

No clear call to action to encourage sales and enquiries

The whole reason you have a website is to encourage visitors is to DO something there and then, so you need to amke sure you’re telling them what it is. If you want them to buy from you, make it easy and simple to do so. If you want them to book a call with you, add a booking form or calendar. If you want them to contact you for more information, make your contact details easy to find.

No website is perfect, but ensuring that your website meets the basic needs of your visitors is vital to start converting them into paying customers.

So, if your website isn’t generating your business any sales or leads, it could be because it’s fallen victim to some of these mistakes. A simple change and make a huge difference.

Would you like some help with your website?

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