Online one-to-one mentorship

Personal 1:1 marketing advice for small business owners struggling with what to do next

Your website is your biggest online marketing asset, but it can also be the biggest headache for small business owners.

You can read all the articles, watch all the webinars, and go through all the checklists, but sometimes you just need someone to look at your website and give you the advice you need for your specific business.

My online one-to-one consultations can help you get the clarity you’re looking for, whether you’re starting to plan and design your new website or wanting to improve your existing website.  

Get the support you need for your business

When you book a one-to-one session with me, you’ll receive an questionnaire you will need to complete so that I can get a better idea of what support you’ll need, so you can get the most out of your session. This will need to be completed at least 24hrs before your consultation.

How you can work with me on a one-to-one basis

Usually I work with individuals over a 6 week  period with 6 x 1hr weekly sessions so you can get in-depth support and advice from me. We’ll cover any challenge you’re facing with your website and online marketing, and I’ll help you get on the right track – you’ll learn expert insights and tips through me, so you’ll have the tools to manage your own site and be confident with your online marketing.

Your package can be tailored to suit your needs depending at what stage you are at with your website and marketing, but here is an overview to give an idea of what we can cover in the six weeks working together.

How we can work together over four weeks


Identifying your ideal customers, your website objectives and planning your website so that it serves your business.


Getting you comfortable and confident with the chosen platform of your website, so you know how to use it effectively.


Focussing on copy,  to ensure your messaging is clear and you know how to speak to your customers on your website


Top tips on optimising your website for Google and how to generate traffic to your site to turn them into sales.


Looking at your social media and how you can optimise your profiles to drive traffic to your website and generate more leads.


Putting a plan and strategy into place on how you get your business more visible online to generate more sales.

If you’d prefer a one-off call, then you can book an online Power Hour with me to help you with a specific area you’re finidng challenging.

6 week mentorship

Cost : £1200

Perfect if you’re looking for some more in-depth support, or you need help with multiple aspects of your website and marketing.

Over the course of six weeks, you’ll receive 1 hour online one-to-one sessions with me each with to help you gain clarity, plan and implement what you have learnt.

Power Hour

1 hour: £99

If you’re looking for a single consultation to cover a particular issue you’re having, a quick guide on how to improve your website design, or even just to bounce some ideas off someone, then my one-off sessions would be perfect.  We’ll cover one topic of your choice to help you get some clarity on how to move forward with growing your business online.  

What some of my clients say

1:1 Consultation

Katrina is a truly amazing person. She helped me out so much and has provided me with the perfect service! My new blog looks wonderful and the help and advice provided means I’m all set! Can’t thank or recommend you enough. x

Online Masterclass

Thanks Katrina, this helpful reminders. We are currently rebranding our services to looking at the website as well. Will keep this all in mind as we move foward.

1:1 Consultation

Thanks so much for this evening. 

It was so comprehensive and made 100% sense. I have a HUUUGE list to work through, but feel much more confident now that I feel I can draw up a definite plan.

I am very grateful for your help!

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