knights estate agents.

Knights Estate Agents are one of Barry’s leading estate agents. With over 60 years combined experience, they sell hundreds of properties every year.


Knights initially commissioned me to design their website for them. They needed a mobile friendly website that enabled them to update their properties regularly and easily. They also wanted to boost their online reach by having a presence on social media, however they were unsure of the best platforms or how to set them up correctly. 


I initially created Knights Estate Agents’ website and integrated their in-house property portal onto the website which allows them to upload properties to their portal and their website automatically updates 2 hours later with their properties. Meaning less time spent uploading properties and pictures and more time selling houses. 
I also set them up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as this is where their target audience spend their time online. I also provided them with two in-house training sessions, including an social media audit which helped them boost their social media engagement and reach. 
They have also requested some design and print work from me, each year to promote their “new year, new home” campaign in January. 


Knights have seen an increase in their website traffic by over 1000% since I created their new mobile friendly site. They have also seen an increase in house buyers since having a presence on social media. Since the last audit and training session their social media analytics have shown an 75% increase in engagement and 90% increase in reach on their social media. They have now tailored their posts to suit their ideal customer and also learnt the optimum times that their audience is online.

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