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website hosting.

Website hosting is one of those things that all businesses with a website needs, but often fail to realise how important it is to get right. Your website hosting, should be, fast, reliable with great customer service. The hosting I provide my clients are all that, and more!

UK based servers with UK based customer support

FREE SSL certificate as standard

LiteSpeed web server to give faster loading speeds

how much will it cost?

Website hosting is like renting your own space online – similar to renting a property. Hosting prices will vary depending on what you want to do with your website. Below is a guide to the hosting prices for bloggers, service based websites, e-commerce sites and also a VPS should you want your very own server.

frequently asked questions

Finding the right website hosting is quite an important task; without website hosting, no-one will see your website and you may not even be able to send an email!

Here are some some key points you need to know when buying hosting. If you need to know anything else, please feel free to get in touch

Where are your servers hosted?
All of our servers are in the UK. Always will be. Having servers that are based in the UK means that if your ideal clients are also in the UK, it will mean they will experience faster loading times and it will also help improve your SEO.
What happens if my website doesn't work?
We have a 99.9% guaranteed website uptime, however on the odd occasion that your site isn’t loading, we probably already know about it and are working to fix the issue. Most issues are resolved within minutes. If your website is loading, but the problem is within your website build, I will be happy to look into this for you, but this would not be covered by the support for website hosting and would be charged for under website maintenance.
What is an SSL certificate?
An SSL certificate provides extra security for your website and encrypts data that is sent through the website – adding peace of mind to your customers that their sensitive data is secure. SSL certificates also improve your SEO as Google ranks secured sites higher. You can tell if your website has an SSL certificate by searching for your site on Google Chrome or FireFox and it will display as “secure” or “not secure” next to your listing. Visitors will also receive a warning when they click on your website, informing them that it is not secure before they proceed.
Will you provide me with the admin login to my hosting?
Yes, once your hosting package has been paid in full you will be given the login details for your cPanel control panel and FTP access. You will be able to control and update your hosting package and add email addresses etc. in cPanel and access and upload files to the backend of your site via FTP.
What do you need to host my website?
As long as you have access to you domain and website admin area, I will be able to sign you up to our hosting package. If you don’t have access to these, don’t panic, I may still be able to help. Just get in touch!
Will you edit my website?
I am happy to edit and amend your website for you, however this would not be covered by the website hosting support, and would be charged on an ad-hoc basis, unless you have signed up for my website maintenance package.

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