Web Maintenance & Hosting

You’ve got a website launched but that is only just the start.  Ensuring you have a back-up plan for changes and ongoing maintenance means that your website will continue to run without any glitches

Website Maintenance

My website maintenance packages are in place to allow you to focus on your business with the knowledge that if and when you need to make changes to your website, whether its a new product/service to be added or a simple banner change, that Cariad Creative are on hand to assist.

Alongside the changes that you may need, I’m also there to ensure regular back-ups are taken that give you the peace of mind that everything is securely stored should anything go awry.

Having the safety net of one of my website maintenance packages means that your website can be continually updated and developed over time.  A small investment to make for peace of mind that future changes are covered and available in a timely fashion.

Contact me today to discuss how these packages can work for a new or existing website.

Website Hosting

Cariad Creative ensure that you have the right website hosting package for your WordPress website.  Having the right website hosting means a combination of the functional day to day performance, including web speed, but also ensuring that a disaster recovery programme is in place should anything go wrong with the website.

Having the right setup on your WordPress website can be the difference between clients converting and not converting.  The expectation of a fast and reliable website means that you can ensure that visitors to your website get an exceptional experience and in turn this means an increase in revenue for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

01. Who will own my domain?

Rule number 1 of having a website deisgned: MAKE SURE YOU OWN YOUR DOMAIN! If I register your domain for you, it will ALWAYS be in your name so you will 100% own it and can move it wherever you want to. If you’re not sure if you own your domain, check with your registrant (e,g 123reg or previous website designer).

02. Will I be able to edit my own website or will I have to pay you to edit it?

Majority of the websites I build are on WordPress and comes with a visual builder which makes it easier for you to update and edit your website. However, if you need some help with some more technical items, or you just don’t have the time, I offer either monthly or ad-hoc website maintenance

03. Will you provide me with the admin login to my website & hosting?

Yes, once your website has been paid in full you will be given the admin login details for your website as well as the cPanel login for your website hosting.

04. How long will the website take to build?

This very much depends on the size and requirements of the website build. Some websites can take a week or two, others, a couple of months. When we start the project, an estimated deadline date will be agreed and I will work to that. 

05. What will I need to get started?

If you would like to go ahead with a website design, you will need a small deposit to secure your booking. I will then send you a checklist of all the items you will need to send over for me to start the work.